Il Concorso Internazionale dei Grassoni si svolge ogni 2 anni alla Locanda La Posta a Cavour (TO), con il famoso Pranzo Pantagruelico e la pesa dei grassoni per decretare i nuovi Mister e Miss Informissima
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International Big People's Meeting
Contest History
Since after the Second World War, the Genovesios (Giovanni and Ester, grandparents, and Francesco) have been organizing the renowned International Big People's Meeting. They were part of a group of very big friends who enjoyed the delicacies of our cuisine and loved meeting for lunch and partying together. Being over 100 kilos, they decided to meet once a year to spend a day together having fun, singing, dancing, reciting poems in dialect, and wearing their "nice clothes". Obviously, slim people were excluded!

The momentous moment of the day was going on scale! This event took place before and after the Big People's Lunch (Gargantuan Lunch) at the Locanda La Posta®, for over-100 guests only. Its aim was to verify how many kilos each participant had put on. The person who gained more weight would win the title of Mister and Miss World Big.

Quick to become a cult event, the Big People's meeting started gathering big men and women from Italy, Europe and now from all over the world. They come to Cavour not only to run for the title of Miss and Mister World Big but also especially to savour a typical Piedmontese cuisine and meet with friends in a relaxed and traditional atmosphere.

Italian and foreign press gather from all over the world to witness this incredible event and the big people's images were shown in the movies, on television Mike Bongiorno talk shows and printed on local and national newspapers thanks o Walter Molino's designs.

After a 20-year break, the Genovesios decided to organize the party again, with the help of Pro Cavour and of the Over-100 club friends, and in 1996 all big people from around the world gathered again in Cavour. Nancy Esposito, New York, won the prize of Miss World Big thanks to her 161 kilos and her charme and sympathy. Pierpaolo Sorvino, Turin, 207 well-distributed kilos, was elected Mister World Big 1996.

Nancy and Pierpaolo patronized the 1998 edition of the contest. Big people from Italy, France, England, Germany, the U.S.A., Japan etc... joined the meeting to fight for the big prize.

French Nathalie Michaudet, 152 kilos, and Italian Roberto Roveran, 191 kilos, won and were acclaimed the biggest and most beautiful couple in the world!
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