Il Concorso Internazionale dei Grassoni si svolge ogni 2 anni alla Locanda La Posta a Cavour (TO), con il famoso Pranzo Pantagruelico e la pesa dei grassoni per decretare i nuovi Mister e Miss Informissima
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International Big People's Meeting
bookings and subscriptions
In order to subscribe to the contest "Informissima 2006!" you need to read the general rules published on this site, fulfil the requirements, fill in the form and send it, with your picture, to Locanda La Posta®, via dei Fossi 7, 10061 Cavour TO, within the requested date.

Don't forget to write on the form the events you want to take part to. If you want to subscribe to the Contest only, please send the form within the date written in the general rules.

If you want to participate actively to other events during the day of the contest, please send your subscription and give your availability within 7th April 2006 so that the organizers will be able to coordinate the show and insert your performance in the schedule.

For example, if you want to perform in the show, please specify it on the subscription form and write what would your performance be. Idem if you want to participate to the fashion defile.

The jury and the organizers have the right to refuse at any time any application for any reason.

For more information please visit:
- Contest rules;
- Subscription form for May 7th 2006.
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