Il Concorso Internazionale dei Grassoni si svolge ogni 2 anni alla Locanda La Posta a Cavour (TO), con il famoso Pranzo Pantagruelico e la pesa dei grassoni per decretare i nuovi Mister e Miss Informissima
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Informissima 2006
  1. Minimum requested weight 100 kilos for men and women.
  2. Men and women of all nationality are accepted, minimum requested age 18.
  3. Subscription is free of charge.
  4. The jury and the organizers have the right to refuse at any time any application for any reason.
  5. The International Big people's meeting Informissima is a beauty and talent contest. Its aim is to discover and publicize elegant and beautiful women, handsome and talented men to present them to the audience as new characters for shows, fashion, television, etc...
  6. Men compete for the title of Mister World Informissima and women for the one of Miss World Informissima.
  7. The jury can decide to give other titles. These titles are linked to the nature of the contest, to the sympathy of competitors, to their talent in artistic, culinary, cultural performances or other.
  8. The jury evaluates all competitors and gives marks form 1 (one) to 10 (ten). In case of parity the jury will evaluate competitors again and decide on the winner.
  9. Subscriptions start on the date written on the site and end at 10,00 a.m. on the Sunday of the contest.
  10. In order to subscribe one must fill in and sign the form received by mail or printed from the site and send it with a picture to Locanda La Posta®, via dei Fossi 7, 10061 Cavour TO, Italy. The jury and the organizers have the right to accept or reject subscriptions.
  11. In order to compete one must go on scale twice in front of the jury: the first time before noon and the second one after the Gargantuan Lunch on the day of the contest.
  12. Competitors are requested to be on stage in the main moments of the day that are: before lunch, the presentation of competitors to the public, the Gargantuan Lunch, the show, going on scale after lunch, prize giving. Who is not present as requested can undergo rejection.
  13. Last edition winners cannot compete for the same title but can compete for other titles.
  14. The behaviour of competitors must be correct and honest both in private and in public, towards the jury, other participants, organizers etc...
  15. The organization and the organizers decline all responsibility for any kind of accident may occur in the day of the contest.
  16. The organization and the organizers may exclude at any time all candidate that breaks the rules of the contest.
  17. The organization and the organizers may use at any time, freely, with no charge, in any method or form, with no space or time limits the pictures, the images, the film, the audio and video registrations pertaining to the image, to the intervention, to the show, to the performance and exhibitions of all competitor and participant. The organization and the organizers may at any time also sell to a third party, and for any reason, this right.
  18. The organization and the organizers may at any moment look for and find sponsors (financial or other) for the contest.
  19. The organization and the organizers have the right to take all necessary measures to fight any break of the rules of the contest.
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