Il Concorso Internazionale dei Grassoni si svolge ogni 2 anni alla Locanda La Posta a Cavour (TO), con il famoso Pranzo Pantagruelico e la pesa dei grassoni per decretare i nuovi Mister e Miss Informissima
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International Big People's Meeting
titles and prizes 2006
All Informissima 2006! "Shapes in shape" competitors run for the following titles:
  • Mister World Informissima 2006;
  • Miss World Informissima 2006;
  • Mister Show;
  • Miss Show;
  • Mister Gargantuan;
  • Miss Gargantuan.
Titles are given by the jury. The jury evaluates all competitors and gives marks form 1 (one) to 10 (ten). In case of parity the jury will evaluate again and decide on the winner.

The jury can decide to give other titles. These titles are linked to the nature of the contest, to the sympathy of competitors, to their talent in artistic, culinary, cultural performances or other.

The winners of the title of Mister and Miss World Infomisima in the last edition cannot compete for the same title but can compete for other titles.
The main prizes are:
  • The most precious and unique sculpture by Maestro Mario Borgna, a worldwide renowned sculptor and painter;
  • Two three-days stay holiday for two people, full board, Thermal Spa Card included, at Grand Hotel Terme Trieste & Victoria. Many thanks to the Borile family and Mr. Roberto Capittini, the director;
  • Two two-night stay holiday, in bed and breakfast accommodation at Hotel Royal di San Remo;
  • Books about Botero by Paola Gribaudo;
  • Various prizes for all participants;
  • Two books of Sue Ann Jaffarian, Los Angeles, California.
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